Net Working Capital Formula

Net Working Capital Formula: How to Calculate NWC Formula

Generally, the calculations using the Net Working capital formula are similar. The owners calculate this capital considering the operational efficiency, liquidity, and economic condition of the firm.
Best Interest Rates

Choosing The Best Interest Rates On Fixed Deposits

There are several attributes that should consider while choosing an investment to align with your financial goals. Most long term investors go with fixed deposits but after making informed-decision...
Investing in Fixed Deposit

Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Fixed Deposit in 2020

A fixed deposit grows your savings at a fixed interest rate, and it is preferred on risk-averse investors as the invested capital remains unaffected from the fluctuating market conditions....
How To Make A Hard Decision

How To Make A Hard Decision: The Best Tips

In life, we often end up making hard decisions once in a while. When it comes to making these decisions, we need to have several tips to guide us...
Credit cards and Debit cards

Credit cards and Debit cards: What should you use for cash?

credit cards and debit cards have become an essential in your wallet simply because of the ease and simplicity they bring to the table. Besides the...
Make Money With Instagram

How To Make Money With Instagram Fast And Easy

How do you get the most for your money when you're doing Instagram Followers? You might have seen a lot of people using the website, which is now one...


What you need before you get started with payroll processing?

The management of payroll focuses on the role of handling a company's pay-out to its workers. The administration of payrolls usually includes...