Best Alien Movies

One of the questions that has always accompanied the evolution of man is: are we alone in the universe? To answer this immense question, we started looking at the sky and traveling in ever deeper space, looking for new planets and other life forms. 10 Best Alien Movies.

As in the history of man, also in that of cinema an attempt has been made to give an answer regarding the existence or not of the so-called aliens; thus, directors and screenwriters have ventured over the years on this issue, giving us absolute masterpieces and providing us with their personal vision on the universe and the forms of life that inhabit it. If you are also passionate about the subject, you just have to read our list of the 10 best movies about aliens to see.

1. PREDATOR (1987)

The first chapter of a quadrillage that includes Predator 2, Predators and The Predator, Predator is a science fiction horror film directed by John McTernan. 10 Best Alien Movies. Former Major Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent to the Central American jungle to retrieve a politician held captive by the guerrillas. In the same area, however, an alien belonging to the yautia race has just come from space with the aim of exterminating human beings. A film about aliens to be seen if you love action and suspense. visit here

2.MARS ATTACKS! (1996)

In 1996, director Tim Burton made a parody of alien’s movies full of hilarious gags but also full of violence, Mars Attacks! 10 Best Alien Movies. The film tells about the landing of a group of UFOs on Earth, an event that divides political leaders into two adverse sides: those who want to exterminate aliens and those who, on the other hand, want to establish contact with them. The goal of these Martian grotesques, though. it is only one: conquering the human race. This fun film also owes its success to an exceptional cast, composed of Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn Close, Danny DeVito, Michael J. Fox, Martin Short and Natalie Portman.


It is one of the most popular blockbusters of the genre as well as a film with incredible special effects; we are talking about Independence Day, science fiction film about aliens that tells the arrival of a giant spaceship on the sky of the United States. From this mother ship of 550 km in diameter, smaller units detach themselves which begin to hit the largest metropolises on the planet such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington. The ground counterattack comes two days after the invasion begins and is led by David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), a telecommunications specialist, Captain Steve Hiller (Will Smith) and U.S. President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman).

4.MEN IN BLACK (1997)

If you are looking for a movie about aliens to see that gives you 1 hour and 40 minutes of pure entertainment, Men in Black is certainly that movie. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the film follows agents J and K in fulfilling a very particular assignment: to control alien activity on Earth and protect the secrecy of extraterrestrial presence. The film is only the first chapter of a successful film saga that includes Men in Black 2, Men in Black 3 and Men in Black International.

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5.AVATAR (2009)

Winner of 3 Oscar Awards and directed by James Cameron, Avatar is a film capable of leaving the viewer open-mouthed for his splendid photography and his avant-garde special effects. Former marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), forced into a wheelchair due to a serious accident, is sent to the planet Pandora to take part in a revolutionary scientific experiment: transferring his mind into an alien’s body for the purpose to integrate into the indigenous community. 10 Best Alien Movies. The plan of the company that finances the project, however, is to recover the natural resources exhausted on Earth on Pandora.

6.DISTRICT 9 (2009)

After twenty years of forced labor inside a slum on the outskirts of Johannesburg. A group of extraterrestrial refugees must be moved away from the city, due to citizens’ complaints. The aliens, however, tired of their condition as prisoners, want to find a way to go home. In District 9 , directed by Neill Blomkamp. We witness a reversal of traditional roles of the genre. The aliens, in fact, make up the injured party, victims of resentment and xenophobia by humans.


2012 film directed by Rudely Scott, Prometheus constitutes a prequel to the 1979 film Alien. Although not directly linked to it. Set in 2089, the narrative focuses on the crew of the Prometheus spacecraft. On a mission to the moon LV-223 to search for evidence of an alien presence; what they find, however, will risk endangering all mankind. 10 Best Alien Movies.


During the bloody war raging between humans and aliens. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) dies from the infected bite of an extraterrestrial creature. Instead of disappearing forever, however, the soldier finds himself trapped in a temporal loop. That will force him to continuously relive the moment of his death but which will allow him. At the same time, to discover the way to destroy the enemy. Edge of Tomorrow, directed by Doug Liman, is the cinematographic transposition of the Japanese short story by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. visit here

9.ARRIVAL (2016)

2016 film by Denis Villeneuve. Arrival features the internationally renowned linguist Louise Banks ( Amy Adams ). Contacted by the army following the arrival of an alien spacecraft; his goal and that of the other experts selected is to understand what are the reasons behind the UFO landing. Louise will thus have to find a way to approach creatures from outer space.


We conclude our advice on the best films on aliens to see with Annihilation. A film transposition of the novel of the same name by Jeff Vander Meer and directed by Alex Garland. The biologist Lena (Natalie Portman), shocked by the conditions in which her husband has returned from the last mission. 10 Best Alien Movies. Discovers a terrible secret: there is an area, hit by a mysterious anomaly, from which those who enter can no longer return. Thus, Lena decides to take part in the next expedition to discover the riddle behind her husband’s fate.

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