Even though most people don’t end up sticking to it, at the end of every year, millions of people make a determined and well-intentioned resolution to start going to the gym regularly. This is why marketing your fitness studio effectively during the first few months of the new year can get you a ton of motivated clients. 

A lot of people that decide to start hitting the gym as a new year’s resolution are beginners who are looking for a change in their unhealthy lifestyle. As a fitness studio, you should pick up on this and encourage people to choose you as the platform to start their fitness journey. 

You can establish yourself as a fitness studio that caters to beginners so that people who are too intimidated to join the gym generally feel welcomed. However, since there are so many gyms that are likely marketing themselves in the same way, the competition can be tough. In this blog post, we’ve combined a number of tips and strategies that you can employ to promote your fitness studio for the New Year.  visit here

Let’s take a look!

1. Decide your target audience 

As we mentioned before, people who decide to join the gym for the new year are mostly beginners looking to train for a healthier lifestyle. Generally, this is the demographic that you should be marketing to. Of course, you will also have to do your own research to figure out who you should be promoting your studio to around the new year.

Here are some questions you should answer to figure this out:

  • Who are the people generally reaching out to you around the new year?
  • What is the age and location of the people who are posting the most about going to the gym as a new year resolution?
  • Who amongst your current clients is aiming to go to the gym more often or renew their membership?

Some research on these questions will help you figure out who you need to market to. Is it young people looking for an active lifestyle? Perhaps it’s older people looking to change their humdrum routines and get back into fitness? Once you have your answers, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing content and promotions accordingly. 

2. Share motivating infographics on social media

A big part of getting people to the gym is motivating them and convincing them that this s something they need. Use your social media as a one-stop shop for anyone looking to learn more about fitness. Infographics are usually extremely popular and share-able, especially on Instagram. So use this to your advantage. 

Post at least one infographic on social media every week. Here are some ideas for what kind of infographics you can post:

  • A list of motivating and inspiring quotes by famous people
  • Tips on how to get more active especially if you’re de-motivated
  • The importance of eating healthy
  • What people can do to start eating healthier
  • The benefits of going to the gym and being fit 

Make sure not to crowd your graphic with too much information. Your infographic should be short, snappy, and informative. If you’re not sure how to create an infographic that’s visually appealing, go through PosterMyWall’s fitness flyer templates. You can customize any template you like and share it as an infographic on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

3. Put up flyers in your neighborhood

A lot of people prefer to join a gym that’s close to their house. This means that you’ll find a ton of clients in your neighborhood. So if you haven’t already, introduce yourself in your locale by handing out flyers. You can distribute flyers in a number of different places:

  • Outside grocery stores
  • Outside movie theaters, especially when a movie ends and people are coming out in crowds
  • In public parks 
  • Door to door
  • In colleges and high schools

You can also put up your flyers in public places like government buildings.

PosterMyWall has an incredible flyer maker that you can use to create a great flyer in minutes. So you can design, print, and share with ease. 

4. Share live mini-classes on social media

What better way to motivate people to join your gym than to give them a sneak peek into what they will gain if they come? You can get one of your fitness trainers to go live from your Instagram or Facebook page once or twice every week. They can show people basic exercises, give them fitness tips, share healthy recipes, and answer any health and fitness questions people might have. visit here

This can be like a mini-class for people who are just starting out on their fitness journey. At the end of these live sessions, trainers can encourage people to join the studio for a more holistic and beneficial fitness experience. 

Final thoughts

Promoting your fitness studio more aggressively around the new year is really important because this is the perfect time to get some new clients. People have just stepped into the new year – they’re feeling excited and motivated. You need to take advantage of this and let them know that your fitness studio is the place to begin their fitness journey.


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