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Don’t you wish, at times, you had a magic lamp like Aladdin that would help you finish your coursework in an instant? But, alas, the reality is vastly different from your imagination! And thus, you often have to rush before assignment submission when you cannot manage time.

And it’s not just you! Recent research states that more than 80% of college students procrastinate and rush during assignment deadlines. But you can manage your time if you act a little smartly. Wondering how? Read on to know.

  1. Create a schedule

The first step you can take to beat your procrastination is to create a schedule to understand how to use time better. You can keep track of time and to know how you used it. Mention every task you need to do throughout the week in your schedule and colour code it.

You can keep striking off each section once you complete one task. However, be honest and keep track of the activities you couldn’t finish in a week. It will help you realise how much ahead you need to get to complete your tasks on time.


  1. Understand the purpose

A renowned professor, who also offers coursework help to students, recently stated that students barely understand the purpose of assignment writing in their college life. So, they keep delaying their written projects. Thus, you, too, must understand your assignment’s purpose.

Read your university guidelines thoroughly, and understand how assignments are essential for students to become better professionals. When you know the purpose, you will definitely work faster and produce better results.

  1. Your distractions are your enemy

According to a recent survey, 98% of students get distracted by external factors. And if you also get distracted easily, you need to take ample measures. So, sign out of your social media accounts or turn off your phone to concentrate better.

And try not to watch television while you have an assignment pending at college. Remember, your timely assignment completion will decide your academic fate. So, social media and hanging out with friends can certainly wait.

  1. Set a goal

Along with a weekly schedule, you need to set daily goals to get one step ahead every day and finish your paper on time—highlight and number your tasks, from most to least important. Finish the most important tasks first, then move on to lesser important ones.

This habit will let you finish tasks on time and help you prioritise what’s essential for you. And therefore, when you become a professional, your peers will admire you, and your seniors will be impressed by your good habits.

  1. Work a little every day

Working a little daily is the easiest way to finish your coursework on time. So, decide which part you want to complete each day and dive in. Then, sit down and chalk out which part of the assignment writing process takes the most time and start doing it.

Here’s a pro tip: Start with your research process beforehand since conducting research is a time-consuming activity. Once you are done with the most herculean task, keep taking breaks while writing your assignment.

  1. Do one thing at a time

You might feel victorious while multitasking, but remember it will not help you to learn effectively. Research shows that students who try to complete multiple tasks at a time often finish none and procrastinate throughout their day. Thus, focus on one thing at a time and complete your tasks.

For example, if you are at your job, it would be best to focus on work and not your assignment research. And once you complete your shift, don’t think about your taxing job hours and concentrate on your assignments.

  1. The motto is to work smart

Smart workers always get ahead in their lives, and you know it. So, instead of studying for long hours, break your study hours into smaller chunks. A student recently confessed that even though they didn’t procrastinate, they couldn’t finish their tasks on time.

And the reason behind this is that they didn’t break their study schedule into smaller chunks. So here is how you can study effectively without facing additional burnout: study for an hour and then take a 15 minute break. Keep repeating this process, and in no time, you will achieve more.

  1. Start your day early

You cannot expect to achieve your daily target if you are a late riser. Students often think they can work late nights and finish their assignments. But, after a day of attending back-to-back classes and other chores, working late nights affects your health severely.

So, to avoid being sick, you should wake up and start your day early. Look into your daily agenda, start with the most challenging task and end with the easiest task. Furthermore, remember that waking up early helps you to keep a stable mind-set and be mentally healthy.

  1. Sleep well

Sleeping is one of the essential tasks to stay strong, both mentally and physically. In addition, sleeping helps your brain to function better. So, ensure to sleep for at least 8 hours and recharge your mind.

Moreover, remember to mention your sleeping hours in your weekly time schedule. Students with disturbed sleep cycles often cannot finish their assignments on time. And thus, they approach online tutors and tell them, “Please do my coursework”.

Parting thoughts

Managing time is not rocket science. So, if you chalk out your plan clearly, and follow them, completing your task will not be a challenge. Read these tips and follow them by heart. And if you still face any problems managing time, you can seek help from your module instructors. Furthermore, drink at least 3 litres of water daily and keep your body hydrated. You can do it; best of luck.

Author Bio: Blake Mathew is a psychology professor with more than a decade’s experience. She also collaborates with My Assignment help to offer psychology coursework help to students. In addition, Blake likes to read science fiction novels and has read more than 20 novels till now.


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