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Tiktok has taken the world by storm! It is one of the most phenomenal success stories of the Digital World in recent times. Its Fan base has grown exponentially. With more than 800 million active users in the world, it is the most popular video-sharing and social networking platform. 

Affective yet straightforward user interface and the emergence of the 4g network have helped TikTok establish itself in a compelling position. You can download the app, create an account, start lip-syncing, and voila! You can become an Internet Sensation overnight! 

Tiktok is engaging the Gen Z (teenagers and youngsters) audience as no other application has done in the past. This has leaded numerous brands to consider TikTok as a powerful marketing tool! Many brands like TikTok, Zomato, Lay’s, The Washington Post, and HP are already targeting people with specific demography using TikTok. It’s also one of the best tools available on the play store to make money online.

Now, we can add one more massive brand to this list, Apple, a Silicon Valley giant, has recently joined Tiktok, officially. They are yet to post something, but we have a feeling that something big is coming! 

What does Apple want to achieve with this?

As mentioned earlier, TikTok is very popular among Gen Z, a perfect target audience for Apple and its products. In a massive market like India, where people see an iPhone or Ipad as a status symbol, Tiktok can prove to be an outstanding marketing tool.

Video marketing is a rapidly emerging advertisement tool in Digital Marketing. A video can communicate with its targeted audience more effectively than any other form; it’s human psychology. This is the reason; small animation clips and videos are changing the way of Digital Marketing.

By registering officially on TikTok, Apple struck two birds with a single stone. TikTok is already a massive platform with more than 800 million active users. There is no other way you can target such a large audience with a relatively small budget. The fact being, TikTok’s popularity is Gen Z Apple can now present personalized ads for them to advertise its products.

From its inception, Apple has always been a brand that delivers something different and something attractive to its customers. With TikTok, it can share videos and photos shot on Apple devices, engaging more viewers. This can help advertise its products at dirt-cheap prices in front of an interested audience. 

Let’s take a look what Apple can do with its TikTok official account

  • Funny in-house videos of their employees and staff

This can be a fantastic tool to attract more people! People love to know what’s going on behind the stage, always! That is the reason “behind the stage” videos are viral on multiple video-sharing platforms. Apple can do the same with its official account to connect with its customers directly.

  • Product Marketing

It can utilize the popularity of TikTok and of its own, to advertise their products directly. Numerous brands are doing the same with their TikTok accounts. This can help apple to tap untouched markets throughout the world.

  • Branding:

The word “Apple” itself is a massive brand. Still, the company can utilize TikTok to share videos and photos recorded on Apple devices to strengthen its brand value in the market. TikTok is quite famous in developing countries. Apple can take advantage of TikTok to widen its customer base in such regions.

  • To improve its visibility:

China and India have massive TikTok user bases. Apple can use TikTok to advertise its products as it is facing fierce competition in these countries from brands like One Plus, Huawei and Xiaomi. TikTok presents a golden opportunity for Apple to give these brands a taste of their own medicine!

These are just assumptions made on the market trend and past records. Currently, Apple has around 4000 followers, and the account is in a testing phase.

As it happened with Steve Job, nobody knows what Apple CAN do and what Apple Will do with its official TikTok account! Only the time will tell. Meanwhile, we will try to dig deeper and bring you more information about this massive event!

Stay tuned for more details on the latest news and technologies.


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