The human brain is one powerful tool, and we can all attest to that. Over the years, you have heard that humans use a particular portion of their minds, which can be real. There have been several kinds of research about the human brain, and there seems to be a part we don’t use.

The subconscious mind is this one part we don’t often use but can control us. This part of the mind can control your body without you doing anything.

There are several activities like breathing while sleeping, and your subconscious mind can control all these. The best way to understand this part of the brain is through meditation. When meditating and controlling your breath, you will note the subconscious mind will take charge. You will stop to think about the breathing as now the subconscious mind controls it seamlessly.

Can You Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind?

We have seen that this part of our mind can do a lot, so the question is, can you tap into it? The ability to communicate with your subconscious mind can open up a wide range of possibilities. The number of things you can do here is unlimited, which is the most prominent memory bank. There are so many affirmations in life we have, and all these shapes our way of life.

Our brains are programmed in away, and it’s a result of the information we store in our subconscious mind. All your experiences and self-beliefs are stored in this part of the brain. With these data, it ends up creating a pattern that programs your mind.

There are several ways in which we can communicate with our subconscious mind to reprogram our life. To start reading positive affirmations goes a long way in reprogramming our thoughts. Positive affirmations are so meaningful, and they help us shape a positive pattern of thinking.

Therefore thoughts are the only ways that we can use to communicate with our subconscious minds. The ideas should be done with genuine emotions as these are the only ones that stay there. Be very careful when doing this practice as both negative and positive thoughts stay at this part of the mind. Negative thoughts can be so strong than a positive idea, so you need better communication thoughts.

How Can You Control Your Subconscious Mind?

There are several ways to control your subconscious mind, and we will look at a few that you can implement.

By Use Of Affirmations

The subconscious mind is a servant, and it obeys whatever the conscious mind commands it. With this in mind, we need to have several strong affirmations that can change your life pattern. Always practice positive thoughts as these will significantly help you plant positive thinking.  Avoid the negative self-talk as this implants negative subconscious actions into you. Replace affirmations like “I can’t do this in life” with, “I believe I can do this.”

You need to keep in mind one thing, and that is the self-talk won’t change overnight.

You need to continually practice these affirmations day in and out and be patient because they help a lot. These are the triggers that will, in the end, reprogram your life, which is excellent.

Have A Burning Desire

Have you ever noted when you have a burning desire to get something, you figure a way out? That is the subconscious mind right there working on thoughts brought by desire. Desires can control your subconscious mind quickly, and they are compelling. Let’s say you have a goal, and it’s an obsession you want it to come through that will happen. The reason for that is the subconscious mind will create channels of information on how to get that.

Therefore have a burning desire to achieve something, and the subconscious mind will help you do that. However, you need to put in work and work extra hard, and you will be able to see opportunities. A strong desire can be a great tool that can control your subconscious mind.

Build A Positive Mantra

Mantras are some of the best ways which you can use to control your subconscious mind. There are times that you feel down and stressed and even feel unworthy. These are the times when you need to craft a great mantra to quiet the negative thoughts. When you feel a negative thought and feel, you need to know, so say out loud that mantra. Mantras are great when you have a spot that grounds that positivity. The spots can include your heart or even stomach and say out loud the words with confidence.


Meditation has been a powerful tool for controlling the subconscious mind. When you meditate, you harness the subconscious mind and bring it to focus. It would be best if you had a peaceful environment that you can use to meditate that has no distractions. Wear clean and comfortable clothes and determine the time you will be contemplating.

Focus on breathing and the thoughts that are passing and don’t judge any idea. Your mind may wander at times, but when it does so, focus on breathing again. Through this process, you will find out that there are thoughts following in from the subconscious into the conscious minds. Always practice this process for a while, which can be a great way of controlling your subconscious mind.

Conscious Writing

Someone once asked me can you control your subconscious mind through writing? The truth is yes; you can handle it. Conscious writing allows you to reflect on some thoughts coming from the subconscious mind. When you write, always analyze your writing after every session and reflect on your words. You will finally note a pattern where your unconscious mind reveals itself.

Analyze Your Dreams

Our subconscious mind works in dreams mostly, and that is why you need to analyze your dreams. Always record your dreams when you wake up and decide are there is one important. You can interpret some of the dreams, and through this, you can control your subconscious mind.


For one asking can you control your subconscious mind, then you have it. Above are the several ways you can use to manage your deep mind and have what you desire.


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