find current location by phone number

Technological advances have contributed to making the Smartphone the most faithful companion. Wherever you go, you always carry it with you. For this reason, it is possible to know someone’s location just by tracking their phone. Many users want to find current location by phone number. If you have reached this article, you also have that doubt, keep reading and discover the solution.

Nowadays, mobile phones usually use one of these two operating systems: Android or iOS. Google and the second by Apple market the first. The evolution they bring in smartphones now includes the possibility of finding the current location of your lost or misplaced phone by phone number. Even if it is miles away. But then, how do you go about locating a mobile phone at present? Here we try to give you a complete guideline.

Easy methods to find current location by phone number

The easiest way to know a person’s location by their cell phone number is to contact them and ask them directly where they are. It can be through a call or text message. It seems too obvious, but it is the only way to do it strictly with the phone number.

The simplest and most popular option is location by phone number. In general, it is sufficient to have this number to find the current location of the mobile, also provided that it is connected to the Internet. That is notably the principle of Locating a Telephone.

find the current location by phone number

This affordable online service allows you to locate a cell phone with its number in two minutes. Rest assured, it’s legal and approved by the CNIL

The location by telephone number uses either geolocation by GSM antennas or geolocation by GPS. In both cases, the observed error is largely reduced to a radius of 5 to 10 meters in the vicinity.

Another way to find the current location of a person by their phone number

On the Internet, you find many options to locate a person just by tracking their mobile by cell number. Among them are applications, programs, and even pages that promise to find the location of a mobile online by entering the phone number.

We can assure you that all these tools do not meet this condition. On the one hand, you must first install the apps or programs you want to track. And they do not work with the phone number only.

On the other hand, online locator pages by number don’t even allow you to track the phone. Rather, they are used to attract visitors who are directed to other download pages. In other cases, they ask you to cancel an amount of money in exchange for the report. But they are only looking for personal information or easy money.

How to discover the location of another person on his cell phone?

The only entity that can know the whereabouts of a cell phone just by having the phone number are the operators that offer communication services. They have a kind of database that contains all the telephone numbers that they own.

Through specialized technology, operators can detect the location of a cell phone and other activities. No one else has access to this information. If you want to discover someone else’s location, you must use other ways.

find out current location by phone number

Keep in mind that knowing the location of mobile, it must emit signals and interact with antennas, satellites, or any element capable of capturing them. After which, a program must take care of translating these signals, indicating the coordinates where it is located.

Safe methods to locate a person on their cell phone

There are reliable tools to track a cell phone. Most use a global positioning system (GPS). We show you a summary of the most effective ways to locate a mobile device.

Using Google account

If you have a Google account associated with your Smartphone, you can use the Device Manager service to find and protect your device. Type “Find my phone” in the search engine.

You will see a map appear with the exact location in real-time of the device in question. You must be logged in with your Gmail username before searching. If you are an Android user, you can download the “Find My Device” app, and if your mobile is iOS, you must use “Google My Account.”

Location applications (official and third-party)

There are a variety of applications developed to track the cell phone. We already talked about “Find My Device,” the native app for Android; They are also:

Find My Mobile for Samsung

You will also find third-party applications in the app stores of each operating system; some of the best known are:

  • Cerberus
  • Prey Anti-Theft
  • Lost Android
  • Family Locator
  • GPS Family locator
  • Find my Kids
  • Life360

Spy programs

Another effective way to monitor a cell phone is to use spyware. You must download software to the mobile to extract information from all the activities carried out.

The way these programs work makes them an invasive tool, so you should only use them by notifying the person to be monitored in advance. In case it is not notified, you may be committing a crime. If it is your minor child, consent is not necessary.

Spyware is a very powerful location and tracking tool. You will know the phone’s location. You will have access to the call history, and you will read the received messages and much more.

It is assumed that most spyware is not free, but you have to pay a subscription for a month or a year. However, you’ll be happy to know that we almost always offer free trials for a specific period of days. Take advantage and download these demo versions to learn more about these programs.

Locate Android phone

It may not connect the device to the Internet. In this case, the locator will still share the coordinates of its last location during its most recent connection to the network. If you want to ensure the security of your personal information, it also allows three types of action to be taken. Access to the device’s sound, locking the home screen and erasing the data.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung has a service specifically related to phone tracking under its brand: Find My Mobile. So, whether your Smartphone is from the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, or Galaxy A version, you can always use this service available online to find your Samsung mobile quickly.

In addition to locating a Samsung device, the service also gives access to a whole range of features such as a screen lock, data backup to their Cloud, or even remote ringing activation. To use it, you must first configure your phone by activating a remote location in Settings, then Biometrics and security.

Xiaomi home

The powerful Android smartphone brand Xiaomi has a specific service for locating devices bearing its brand. That is Xiaomi Home.

But to locate Xiaomi, you must first create a Mi account and link it to your mobile phone. I can do it from the Mi Home app. Once the Xiaomi account has been created, you must activate access to a remote location by entering Settings, then the field reserved for geolocation.

All you have to do is access the site, log into your account to track the location of your device.


Apart from geolocation by phone number, you can also locate your Huawei phone through a service dedicated to this function, a mobile finder.

But above all, it remains essential to creating a Huawei ID account. In addition to helping in locating a lost or misplaced Huawei laptop, it also allows your data and important information to be stored in the Cloud. It will then be easier to return them from the site.

Use an iOS locator

The Apple brand stands out for its high-end and highly secure devices. In case of theft or loss, each user can easily locate their iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / macOS or Air Pods thanks to the iOS locator developed by Apple.

Geotag my iPhone

While you want to locate iPhone, the phone number is sufficient if you use a geolocation service based on this principle. Otherwise, you can still use the online services of the Find My iPhone app. Not only does the latter identify the last known location of the iOS device, but it also allows it to be freely controlled from a distance. In particular, you have the option of locking it, erasing your data, transferring it to iCloud, or even making it ring.

Like any other brand-specific geolocation service, the use of the online tool requires the existence of an iOS account protected by a previously defined password. I must also activate the option of the remote location of the lost/misplaced phone beforehand.

FAQ on Find current location by phone number

Q1: How to find the current location by phone number free?

Use Truecaller App

You can find any number’s current location with Truecaller apps. It is a free app to trace unknown numbers, and you can get it from Playstore. You can use it both on your Android and iPhone. This app will show you every country’s mobile number location.

Q2: What is the best app to locate people?

Spyzie: Monitor and control both the location and other data of the Smartphone. It has various uses today, and with it, we can check the place where the older person is in particular. Valid for iOS and Android.

Q3 :How can you know the location of a cell phone?

Locate your Android phone

To find your Android device, all you have to do is go into Google and search for the phrase Where is my phone. Just type the phrase in the search area and hit Enter as if you were searching for anything else.

Q4: How to know the location of a WhatsApp contact?

Open WhatsApp and enter the conversation of the contact with whom you want to share your location, in this case, you. Click on the (+) symbol to the left of the chat and choose “Location.”


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