As consumers become more digitally savvy, they often prefer telephone support when contacting customer service. Having a conversation on the phone with a real person builds trust between customers and customer service agents. It is essential that you have call centre software that allows your service team to do their best work when it comes to providing great customer service. The best contact centre monitoring software allows employees to receive additional context, routes calls to the right agents and helps management implement an omnichannel strategy.

The last thing you want is to invest in sophisticated contact centre monitoring software only to find out it does not meet the needs of your call centre. Use these expert tips and suggestions for evaluating potential call centre software solutions and making the right buying decision.

An omnichannel software: The software should be capable of integrating with other tools. It is important that you consider installing a contact centre monitoring software that is capable of being integrated with your other tools, channels and software, such as CRM, social media tools, helpdesk software, and even marketing tools. You wouldn’t want to face a situation where both your employees and customers are both frustrated and unable to communicate due to incompatibility.

Security and compliance: Is the monitoring software fulfilling data protection, privacy, and security requirements? Make sure the call centre software you choose uses top-notch encryption and the latest in security measures to keep your data safe. This also keeps your customers safe while giving private information over the phone or other communication channels. 

Manage the escalation process: Managing the escalation process for urgent customer service queries is possible with the best call centre software. Each step of the process should be able to direct a customer to the appropriate party from the moment the call comes in. As part of your call centre software, your agents should also have the ability to de-escalate issues through the use of vouchers, discounts, and refunds, when they are on the phone with customers.

Scalable: One of the salient features of contact centre monitoring software is that it should be able to grow with the business. This means the software should be able to scale to the increasing needs over time, be it more human agents, more hardware, or both.

Cloud based: In order to integrate their online databases with their cloud-based call centres, they will need a cloud-based calling system. An internet-based telephone system, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), runs over the Internet instead of over a telephone line.

Reporting and analysis: You should choose a contact centre software that offers advanced reporting capabilities on your browser or mobile app. It is possible to customise these tools to best suit the needs of the agents and their supervisors, enabling them to make better decisions in real time.

Interactive Voice Response: An interactive voice response feature will allow your customers to speak with an automated system before reaching your support team and provide basic information that will allow your team to serve them better.

Using our contact centre monitoring platform, a number of call centre businesses have upped their strategies. We have provided the ability to monitor quality and regulatory compliance in their contact centres. Take a look at these resources for more information on contact centre monitoring and why it is critical for call centre businesses to maintain compliance.


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