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After the initial failure of a part of the fifth generation video game consoles, Saturn, SEGA aimed to hit back with a bang in 1999 with their all-new first-ever 128-bit video game console, SEGA Dreamcast. SEGA Dreamcast was a big bang as one of the Six Generation Video Game Consoles and thanks to the brilliant commercial campaign “It thinks!” Dreamcast was selling like HOT CAKES! How to Download and Install Best Dreamcast Games.

But storm clouds were hovering over the fates of SEGA in the forms of Sony’s Play Station 2. SEGA was bulldozed from the market and soon forced to discontinue the production when NEC failed to deliver the parts in time and Pay Station started to shine brighter than ever.

9.9.99 remember the date. It was the same day when US market first saw the Dreamcast on the shelves. People was rushing to stores. Japan launch was a sheer success, now it was the time to rule US and Europe. It gained popularity as it was designed to be a ‘low cost’ video game console. Hitachi SH-4 CPU and an NEC PowerVR2 GPU was the power house of this bad boy.

SEGA was getting all appreciations for the console as they expected. But the happiness didn’t last long. When Sony introduced Play Station 2 to the World, people dropped everything and rushed to the stores. The pain was proven to be too small when NEC started failing to provide GPUs to SEGA.

The final nails in the coffin was when other companies such as Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox started running in the marathon. CD piracies was a back stabber as well.

Peter Moore opened up in an interview on Dreamcast’s discontinuation. He said that they had a flying start, selling 50k then 60k then 100k every single day! Then a painted bull’s-eye from Japan had them caught. An unusual target of selling X millions of units of hardware, earn X hundred millions of dollars that holiday season forced Moore to make called, not to the Japanese. Rather to employees and handing them their termination letters. They just couldn’t sustain their business in North America and Europe as the market was being flooded with PS2s, Gamecubes and XBoxs. This was the end of SEGA in the Video Game Consoles Industry. They stopped the productions, cut down supplies and man power and the scenes were horrifying. Dreamcast’s fire was slowly going out and everything went to pitch black after the discontinuation.

SEGA Still survived, as game publishers. After the discontinuation, SEGA couldn’t gather the required strength and the money to continue producing video game consoles. But SEGA was ruthless in its good old days. SEGA fans and admirers were heart broken, so was the employees and gamers.

Gaming Historians and Enthusiasts still now remembers the fallen Hero with great honor and dignity. Good news for you folks! You can STILL play the Best Dreamcast Games on your PC or Android devices! Cool, right! 

How to Install Dreamcast Emulator on your PC:

Don’t get to excited lads! The procedures are a bit tricky. But a little hustle is worth taking if you want to take a ride back to your childhood!

The whole installing procedure is described below:

1: Download nulDC Emulator and Chancast Emulator

2: Download Dreamcast BIOS

3: Extract nulDC and Chancast and Dreamcast BIOS. Then copy ‘vmsbrowser’ from Chancast and ‘dc-boot.bin and dc—flash.bin’ from Dreamcast BIOS and past those in the nulDC Emulator folder.

Step 4: Run nulDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.

This will light up the engine, now for the games.

The Best Dreamcast games are all time favorites for game console enthusiasts. Reliving the retro era is one of the most nostalgic moments for the kids of eighties and nineties. No worries folks, this article got you covered. Here is the list of the Best Dreamcast Games:

  • Action/Adventure:

Sonic Adventure 2, Shenmue II, Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

  • Fighting:

Soulcalibur, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Power Stone 2, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Project Justice.

  • Sports & Racing:

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, San Francisco Rush 2049, Crazy Taxi.

  • Shooter:

Quake III: Arena, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rouge Spear, Unreal Tour.

  • Role Playing:

Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online

  • Simulation & Novelty:

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The Typing of the Dead, Seaman.

All of these games just need a simple googling and voila! You just found the staircase to nostalgia! How to Download and Install Best Dreamcast Games.

Here is a website where you will find all the Dreamcast games you want to play, thank me later!

(Link: Here

When you download the games, simply run the Emulator and click ‘File’ on the far right. Then select the root folder where you have downloaded your games and select the game which you want to play. The game will simply start and trust me you will be in tears if Dreamcast was a childhood crush!

Now, let us think that we don’t wanna play those in our PCs. We want them in our damn phones. Not to panic guys! I got you covered. If you are an Android User then you are probably familiar with Google Play Store. Simply search ‘Reicast’ and ‘ZArchiver’.

Download Bios from the given link.

Extract the files using ‘ZArchiver’ and save it inside a folder in the root of your device.

Open ‘Reicast’ and select the Bios path and restart the app. Your Emulator is good to go!

Download the games just like before, open the emulator, select the games from the drive and oh boy! Oh boy! You will be thanking me a ton! How to Download and Install Best Dreamcast Games.

Dreamcast still remains as a hero, a fallen one indeed. It has scratched millions of hearts at its prime time. But thanks to the tech pirates, people still can enjoy a glimpse of their glorious childhoods. Dads can show their sons how they used to race in Crazy Taxi, how they learned the art of the Dunk in NBA and how they went on to adventures with their good old friend, Sonic.

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