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Recently, there’s a lot of buzz regarding whether education is an important element in one’s success or not. Now, to be honest, this is not exactly a debatable topic. Of course, education is important. Think it this way – Why do we track literacy rates of different nations? Or, why do we measure the development of a nation with the literacy of the population? There must be a valid reason. You can also get CDR report for electrical engineer from our well-educated experts.

So, at any given point we can say that education is necessary for a person’s success. However, what is debatable is whether conventional education should be the priority or not.

As the present times dictate, we can say that the conventional education system needs certain reforms to increase its efficacy. For more details about CDR reports for an electrical engineer you have to read My Assignment Help Review

On that note, this blog will highlight certain valid points that prove that conventional education is necessary. Also, I will list down the possible reforms that modern-day education needs to yield better results. Keep reading!

The Significance of Conventional Education

If you are one of those who think that no education but only having the right experience and the right set of skills is important to be successful, then it is time you immediately bar these thoughts.

Of course, experience and skills are important, but they are most significant during the job hunt. Because post that with only skills and no proper education, you won’t be able to make much progress. Moreover, even while looking for a job besides experience and skills, you need the proper education to a certain extent. This is because education gives you a lot more than bookish knowledge. Here are a few points that will prove the same to you.

1. Boosts your personality

Personality is not built in a day. It comes with time with your learning and experience. As a child, you must gain certain experience that works wonders in shaping your personality. Formal and conventional education gives you a lot of exposure from day one. However, these exposures are nothing but learning sessions outside the classroom. For example, suppose you are participating in a school; the anxiety and excitement you go through add to your experience. Surely this molds your personality for the betterment.

2. Makes you more responsible

Conventional education no doubt showers students many assignments and other responsibilities. Together, these brush up your sense of responsibility for your better future. Realize that the constant pressure of submitting the assignment within the deadline, completing the classwork before all your friends or even being the class monitor develops a huge sense of responsibility.

3. Makes you a confident individual

Confidence is one quality that you will require for your entire lifetime. A confident individual can reach unexpected heights. And you will be surprised to know that the seed of confidence is sown and watered during your initial school days. And henceforth, the process continues. During educational life, you are often pushed to extents that are way out of your comfort zone. You have to do activities like public speaking, team projects, etc., that will allow you to unravel unknown sides of your own character. Such activities boost a sense of self-worth and self-belief.

4. Teaches you acceptance

In the case of conventional education, you are bound to sit with and attend classes with several students from different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. There you have a choice but to accept all of them and work together. Not that you should have a choice, but this practice of all of you being together for the maximum time of the day teaches you acceptance for all. You learn to observe, understand, and even empathise with each other. This sense of acceptance you develop during your formal education can prove to be your strength in numerous difficult situations.

5. Makes you better at communication

Without formal education, the student won’t get enough scope for communication. Imagine if, instead of conventional on-campus education, the practice of private education is more in practice. Then does the child get enough scope to listen to others, or does he feel hoe opinions of different people can be different regarding one single thing? Will they ever learn the right way of expressing that opinion? NO! They won’t. If you observe carefully, you will see that we expect educated individuals to be better speakers and decent communicators regularly. If education was so least important, this wouldn’t be the case. To make a child a good communicator, it is important that they experience formal education.

I am sure that from the above-mentioned point, it is already clear to you why education is given such importance even today. But of course, the modern-day education system is not perfect. It also needs certain amendments and reforms to enhance its quality. So, what changes are we talking about here? Let us dive right into it!

6 Pertinent Reforms the Modern-Day Educational System Needs

In my opinion, some reforms required are –

  • Way more use of technical facilities in the teaching process so that students get well aware of them.
  • Initiatives should be taken to make the classes more interactive. It should not be the case where teachers are the only ones to speak. The student should also make enough contributions.
  • Students should be allowed to give feedback on the classes they attend. They should be able to tell about their problems without any hesitation. Also, changes should be made accordingly addressing the major problems faced by the student.
  • Teachers should make it a habit of giving constant feedback on students’ performance. But they should remember to make it motivational. No student should ever feel demotivated and unattended.
  • Educational facilities should be affordable so that every child can afford them. Not just the initial schooling, but this must also be true for higher education.
  • Besides mainstream subjects, such activities should be included in the curriculum that ensures the overall growth of a child.

Parting thoughts

By now, it must be clear to you that conventional education has a lot to offer. These things might seem small, but even though you may not realize it, experts say these small things are the building blocks of one’s character. So, whatever the goal, formal education should be the first step towards achieving every goal.

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