We all know that Xfinity is the largest and widely used internet service in the US. This is not only because of its availability in over 36 states, it is also because the service is great and it provides great speed as well as other benefits in a very good price. When you get Xfinity’s internet bundled with other services, you get great discounts, but even if you get a single service such as Xfinity internet, you can still get maximum value for money. So, if you are willing to switch to a new internet service, here are all the perks and benefits that you get with your xfinity internet package. 

Internet Security

Well you must be well aware of the fact that internet security these days is a prerequisite. With the increasing cybercrimes these days, internet that comes with a certain level of security is important. Well, with xfinity internet you get internet security. The Xfinity Internet packages come with basic internet security, but when you get xfinity’s xFi Gateway, you get advanced security that helps you not only block suspicious websites, it helps you monitor your entire home’s network, and also put parental control on your children’s devices. The advanced technology learns and adapts to your network and secures your network by personalizing your security system. 

Free Nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspots  

One thing that we don’t get everywhere is accessibility. With xfinity internet, you get access to over 20 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots nationwide. Well, we all know how tempting it seems to have free internet when we are out in a coffee shop and have to update the Instagram stories. Well, the open Wi-Fi networks that you get in a coffee shop or in the mall might seem tempting, but they are open hubs for cybercrimes. One example of it is that when you connect to an open network and make online transactions, you can easily fall victim to data theft. This way your account information can be stolen which might make you lose a lot of money from your online wallets. Well, in that case, Xfinity’s Wi-Fi hotspots come to the rescue. When outside, and in need of internet, you can connect to Xfinity’s safe internet hotspots through your Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app. 

xFi Gateway

One thing that you can get with your xfinity internet in a minimal rent is the xFi Gateway device. The xFi Gateway device is best for you if you are someone who requires ultra-high internet speed, maximum security, as well as high coverage throughout the house. The xFi Gateway is a router plus modem that makes all your internet powered devices work in integration, and provides maximum signals even in the dead zones of the house. So, you can roam around your house without losing signals. Besides, the xFi Gateway allows you to stream, work from home, as well as play videogames all at once, without having to lose signal strength. You also get the option to connect to it via an Ethernet cable as well as Wi-Fi. 

Suitable Speed for Everyone

When it comes to flexibility, xfinity is for everyone. If you are thinking that you font need all of this and that you are the sole user of internet, Xfinity has something for everyone. The speed tiers in Xfinity’s packages are suitable for everyone starting from single person’s use to being used by a family of streamers, users of smart home tech, as well as gamers. Starting from low speed and super cheap packages, the speeds go up to ultra-high gig speeds. So, whichever category you fall under, Xfinity has a little something for everyone. 

Free 4K Streaming TV Box

Apart from all other benefits, our most favorite part about getting any of Xfinity internet packages is the fact that every package comes with a 4K Flex TV box. The free 4K TV streaming box comes free with 4K content that you can watch even on your non-4K TV. So, if you are someone who isn’t very specific about your TV preferences, you can enjoy free TV with your Xfinity internet. 

Free Peacock Premium and Xumo

Well, that is not it, with the 4K streaming box, you get to watch on demand content on free Peacock premium. Is it not amazing to get TV content as well as streaming services for free along with an already amazing internet service. 

Ultra High Data Cap

When it comes to data allowance, data caps can be a pain especially when you are a heavy streamer. With Xfinity, you get an ultra-high data cap of 1.2 TBs, which is more than enough even if you stream movies the entire month. 

Flexible Term Agreements

It often happens that when you are willing to subscribe to a new internet service provider, you don’t want to make a commitment so early without trying it out first. With Xfinity’s flexible term and agreements, you are given multiple options regarding your contract. You get an option to skip the term agreements for the standard prices, and if not, you can always go with the term agreements and get your internet or any other packages in promotional prices. This way you can easily choose what works best for you. 

Value for Money

Affordability is something that Xfinity is famous for. Whichever Xfinity deal or package you get, it is super affordable, and including all the perks that comes with those packages, you get maximum value for your money. Especially with the 4K streaming box, Peacock premium and Xumo free with all you internet packages you get more than what you pay for. So, one thing that you definitely get with your Xfinity internet is value for the money you pay. 

Well, this is pretty much all that you must know about Xfinity’s internet and the perks that come with it. Xfinity is not only flexible and affordable, it offers your countless perks for free which you may not get elsewhere. So, if you want an internet that is affordable, comes with TV service, security, accessibility and is super fast and reliable, get your Xfinity internet now. 


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