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The management of payroll focuses on the role of handling a company’s pay-out to its workers. The administration of payrolls usually includes the gathering of working time records for a specified period, the management of compensation and rewards, and the allocation of employee wages for that duration.

Most firms utilize payroll tools for their payroll or a payroll outsourcing facility for third parties. Although it is very easy to outline the pay collection, there are other measures behind the lines that must be taken until the actual production work starts.

The UAE is an enticing industry segment that regularly flourishes with citizens from all around the world. Payroll processing in Dubai manages a large workforce with a community of more than 9 million. The payroll laws in the UAE are also formal and dynamic. In fact, these are updated regularly, without much further warning to the workers. This point is important for companies because, for purposes of compensation or inability to follow the rules, excessive charges can be applied to the payroll transactions of a corporation.

In the UAE, the wages protection scheme is called (WPS). It is the e-wage transferring scheme launched in 2009 that allows institutions to pay salaries through the central bank’s permitted and authorized banks and other financial institutions. WPS has been established by the Central Bank of the UAE and the Labour Ministry to simplify paying salaries on a timely and full basis. The WPS includes all Ministry licensed entities in all businesses and sectors. It is vital to firms because businesses that do not obey such procedures face penalties and lawsuits and cannot receive work permits.

Measures in payroll management

The exact measurement of wages will range as there may be variations in reference to the method used, which we will discuss below. Some organizations prefer automated payroll systems or applications, other manual programming, while other UAE firms select outsourced payroll services. The most possible activities and processes for workforce administration are as follows:

Conduct or compile master files from subordinates

All employee personal descriptions and records such as identification, basic wage, phone number, the sum of compensation, and the type of payment compensation must be recorded by a company. In particular, as earnings are modified, the details that are critical for wage calculation must be periodically updated as required.

A corporation will also ensure its workers obtain monetary advances. The payroll reports must be maintained accurately and updated by each staff. Many businesses use spreadsheet documents. You should hold records; however, you will be in charge of ensuring the proper documentation and data management.

Quantify correctly every employee’s gross salary

The total salaries owed by the company to all workers must be determined by the close of each payment period. The minimum pay of an employee is considered into account in the calculation of the gross wage, with a bonus given to each staff. Enter the sum and check the expense reports.

Evaluate the additional time salary provided to workers

Evaluate additional shifts for all pay periods to the workers. The workload is split into classifications: over time the regular one and over the period the Friday one. Average salaries of 30 days of 8 hours compounded by 1.25 when measuring overtime with consideration for working days over time. That is an income of 30 days of 8 hours, compounded by 1.5 for holidays over time.

Overtime estimation may be boring so a responsible professional will do it. It is important that only a specialist does it when it is measured manually. In addition to an expert’s experience, the measurements must be checked for accuracy two or three times.

Add significant permits necessary

Special benefits are provided for other workers in the UAE, e.g. sales fees, incentives, vehicle payments, and more, per month. An employer shall then be allowed to apply the extra payment to the employee’s wages for the duration of payments.

Compute payments on salaries

The employers’ wages can be compensated by several separate concessions. Absences, infringements, penalties, etc. – these must be deducted from fundamental wages or aggregate wages. The required deductions can be determined by adding them. The cumulative repayments shall then be removed from the net annual pay and workplace benefits.

Create compensation reports and payslips

Summary reports or wage statements containing all parts of the salary must be prepared. This comprises basic wages, exemptions, absences, period, and compensation. The study helps to keep track of the paid salaries for each period of employment. For workers, payslips must be packed.

A paycheck is a form of paper that contains employee compensation estimates. The payroll is to be reported and explained. A payroll made by hand will at the same time be exhausted and time-consuming.

Create a file with WPS sif

The pay cycle is almost done. The last step, though, is to create a file for pay transfer or sif. The department of labor must determine the file format. Both shares and banks in the nation are also affected by it. Kindly be informed, as required by the Government this is among the most important measures for payroll processing in the UAE.


Although the mechanism is simple, which is how many hours employers spend paying them – the labor regulations impacting salaries are challenging and vary according to community and, in some cases, according to the local climate (minimum wages).

We suggest therefore that company owners consider a payroll contractor that can handle such issues, connect to tax tables, and ensure that labor legislation is complied with. A successful payroll provider liberates a company owner to concentrate on their work — managing his firm.


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