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PDF file format offers many advantages, that’s why generally we all prefer to use it. We also use these files to secure our confidential details by protecting them with a password. To handle this task for you, there are many password protect PDF apps available in the market. But not all apps are reliable.

Do you want a curated list of reliable password protect PDF scanner apps for your devices? Here we share 10 best apps to protect your PDF files.

Best 10 Android Scanner Apps To Protect PDF Files

Protecting a PDF file that contains confidential details is very necessary. Finding out a trustworthy app that can password protect your PDFs is often a headache. Get the best apps from this list to simplify your task.


It is a dedicated Android scanner app that offers multiple features. Here are some of the main features of this free scanner app.

  • It scans almost all sorts of documents for free including QR and barcodes.
  • This document scanner app offers post-scan filters to enhance your scanned results.
  • With a batch scan, it scans various images easily from a camera or gallery.
  • It also offers a robust OCR for the image to text extraction. This OCR also supports extracted text’s translation.
  • This PDF creator app generates PDFs in different page sizes. E.g., Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default size), A5.
  • FlashScan enables you to scan your signature and lets you place it on the Image or PDFs.
  • It lets you protect your PDF files. You can easily encrypt your PDFs by setting up a password.
  • It enables you to place a custom watermark on PDFs for image security.

PDF Anti Copy

Next on our list is PDF Anti Copy. A simple PDF creator app that offers an array of features including:

  • PDF Anti-Copy stops any user from transferring classified data to unauthorized locations.
  • This app does not allow the printing option when PDF files are opened in any PDF reader.
  • It is one of the best apps to protect your PDF files with a password.

PDF Utilities

PDF Utilities is the best app when it comes to password protect your PDF files. With this app, your PDF-Files can be extracted and processed directly out of the Cloud.

  • It allows you to set a password to your PDF files.
  • It also lets you remove selected pages of a PDF file easily.
  • You can additionally use it to add blank pages to a PDF file
  • It also offers an automated removal of blank PDF pages.

PDF Converter, Editor And Password Remove

PDF Converter is a tool that converts your images to a single PDF or PDF to Image file easily without any limitation.

  • A comprehensive document scanner app that scans documents, QR and barcodes.
  • Users can easily convert your Excel files to PDF with this online tool.
  • It lets you password protect your PDFs from unauthorized access.
  • Easy to Remove security from password-protected PDF files.

Lock & Unlock PDF

It is a brilliant Android scanner app that offers lock and unlock PDF facility at the same time.

  • It is a simple and accurate QR & Barcode Scanner app.
  • This app lets you split the PDF file at any given page number and creates multiple pdf files.
  • Also, Users can encrypt or password-protect their PDF file to avoid others to open it without the password.


Pdfeditor is another best PDF creator and PDF file modification application that you can consider picking. It has several functionalities which you can use to:

  • You can merge different PDFs or images into one PDF.
  • It lets you easily encrypt your PDF document with a password to guarantee the confidentiality of your document.
  • You can also use it to add watermark to your PDFs.

Password Safe

This app offers a secure way for storing and organizing all your passwords. But it also acts as your PDF password protector.

  • It offers secure storage and management of your passwords, pins, accounts, access data, etc.
  • Password Generator widgets help you generate passwords and protect your PDF files.
  • You can anytime backup and restore the encrypted database.

PDF Scanner

Scan documents, photos, ID, etc with this document scanner app. This Android scanner app also helps to create clear and sharp PDFs.

  • It lets you choose the best size for your document as A3, A4, A5, note, letter, postal, and legal.
  • You can password protect your PDF easily with this app.
  • Users can anytime deform the image to fit your needs.

Mini Scanner

The Mini Scanner is a PDF document scanner app that turns your devices into a portable scanner.

  • This app offers 5 levels of contrast for clear monochrome text.
  • Also, Users can easily set the PDF page size (Letter, Legal, A4, etc.)
  • Lets you password protect your PDFs.

Genius Scan

It is a powerful app that helps you organize, share, or archive your documents.

  • This app offers document detection & background removal.
  • You can use this app for document merging & splitting.
  • It also offers multiple page PDF creation.
  • Lets you encrypt your PDF files to stop unauthorized access.


In conclusion, All the above-mentioned apps are genuine and perform well. However, we highly recommend you to pick FlashScan. This app is a one-stop solution for all PDF-related tasks. It easily lets you Password protect PDF file.


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