What Is A Gaslighter Personality

There are situations where someone tells us something, and we tend to question our personality. This kind of ac is commonly known as gaslighting. Gaslighting is a way in which someone manipulates us, and we tend to question our sanity.

The act of gaslighting often tends to use psychological efforts, and these efforts affect our emotions.

What Is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a manipulative and controlling habit in which the gaslighter wants to control his/her victims. There are many instances in which this kind of manipulative behavior can occur from relationships to workplaces.

 In relationships, this is common among abusive partners, and one spouse end ups questioning her sanity. Some leaders have this gaslighting personality, and they try to control large groups of people.

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Gaslighting is an emotional abuse you need to be aware of as it can leave you wanting to apologize repeatedly. Feeling anxious or a sense of self-doubt when talking to someone might suggest you are a victim of gaslighting.

Being a victim of gaslighting is dangerous, just like any other abuse. The victim might end up doubting themselves in terms of worth and even identity.

What Is A Gaslighlighter Personality?

We have seen gas lighters are people who want to have power over their victims. They try to brainwash their victims in different ways until the victims have self-doubt. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that not all gaslighters are intentionally malicious.

When people grow, they might have adopted this kind of behavior, and they are not aware of it.  Let’s look at some of the few examples of a gaslighter personality. 

Constantly Deny Of Saying Something

One of the first personalities that you will continuously note with gas lighters is they regularly deny having said something. He or she might have said something, and you have solid proof about it, but they will deny it altogether.

They will act in away until you believe them and even end up questioning yourself. The more they do this, the more you start accepting their reality and end up becoming a gas lighter victim.


Gaslighters are generally manipulative, and they are masters at this craft. Gaslighters often use this method to ensure that the victims are close to them and control them more. They will use friends or loved ones and even try to alienate them from others.

When the victim falls into their trap, they have no choice other than being controlled by the manipulator.

Fake Praises

We can’t talk about what is a gaslighter personality without talking about fake praises. When someone gives you fake compliments, you often wonder what their intention is or if they misunderstood.

The main reason they often do this is to throw you off balance emotionally to gain from you. Always be sure of what praise you are being given for, as this will help you spot a gaslighter.

Authoritarian Personality

Most gaslighters often have this kind of authoritarian personality, which makes them think they are better. They often feel that they are perfect than everybody else and tend to point out faults in others.

This kind of personality has a shortcoming because they do not see any flaws in themselves. If you happen to spot this kind of personality, then beware you are dealing with a gaslighter.

Constantly Saying Everything Is A Lie

When dealing with a gaslighter, you will regularly get to hear everything is a lie. You will get to hear that the media, your friends, and even family members all are telling lies.

With this kind of personality, you will start questioning your reality, and the more you do, so end up in their trap.

Conditional Apologies

When someone wrongs you and apologies but you don’t feel that apology, that is a gaslighter sign. Gaslighters are masters when it comes to conditional apologies. They often don’t want to take responsibility for their behaviors instead to please your feelings.

Don’t Take Personal Responsibility

Gaslighters will never accept their responsibility and will always blame others for it. This kind of disorder makes them feel that everyone else is crazy, and they are normal. For them, their behaviors are accepted entirely by their ego and thus blame others for faults.  

What To Do With Someone With A Gaslighter Personality

First, you need to understand that gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, and you need to stay away. You need to seek help from friends and families and even professional help.

When you experience gaslighting in a relationship, the most important thing to do is to end it. You can conclude that relationship and seek counseling as this can end up causing emotional trauma.

This behavior can be disturbing at work, and what you need is set boundaries with the gaslighter. Keep in mind that they will try to manipulate you and cross that like seek help from your boss. Always keep that conversational minimal with a gaslighter and always avoid arguing as they will try to bring you down.

Overcoming Gaslighting Abuse

If you are already a victim of gaslighting, you must seek professional help.  Gaslighting can go to the extent of emotional abuse and end up causing trauma. The good news is you can recover from this abuse and end up living a good life again.

You can get mental health professionals who can help you with healing. You will get to learn how to deal with emotions and once you do that, start building your self-esteem.


Now that we have learned what is a gaslighter personality, you can easily identify it among people. This is one act that can cause emotional abuse, and you need to spot it early.

If you happen to be a victim already, it’s ideal to seek professional help to help you deal with those emotions. Beware of this act, so you don’t end up losing your sense of identity and self-worth in life.


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