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How to Uninstall Star Citizen 4 Different Methods

How to Uninstall Star Citizen

Indeed, you hardly find people who don’t love adventure, whether in the real or the virtual world. Those who have little or no chance of getting real-life adventure can take the thrilling flavor of adventure through the game. Many games are developed to provide adventure flavor. 

Among those, Star Citizen is one of them, and here you will find an imaginative and fascinating world. Interestingly, you will find both single and multiplayer modes herein. But one point worth mentioning is this game demand a high configuration PC

Some gamers become attracted through its appealing features, but their PC’s low configuration doesn’t allow them to play it. But the problem has been seen while uninstalling this game. In today’s article, we will teach you how to uninstall star citizen using some simple methods. So, let’s dive into the main discussion.

Some possible reasons behind uninstalling star citizen

Currently, we found three problems for why people usually uninstall this game.

Another reason may be can’t play properly. However, here we briefly discuss those issues.

What about the storage of your PC? Is it enough to make the game playable on PC? Typically, Star Citizen demands 65 GB of free space from the hard drive. If you can’t manage that amount, undoubtedly, you can’t run it easily. 

Star Citizen currently has over 13 million players and subscribers. This demanded gamed demand the following PC specifications.

Without those specifications, you can’t get a blissful experience from this game. 

To get the ultimate gaming experience from the Star Citizen, you need at least any of the following graphic cards. 

Note: Low graphic quality can’t let you play efficiently and force you to uninstall. 

4 Different Methods of uninstalling Star Citizen

By now, you know some of the possible reasons behind uninstalling Star Citizen. Now, we show you four different uninstall processes in the later section. 

Method No: 1 By deleting the launcher of Star Citizen 

In our first method, we delete the launcher to uninstall this game; here are the steps.

Method No: 2 Wipeout Cloud Imperium Game

If you can’t find the file of Star Citizen, then you need to locate program files(x86) and select Cloud Imperium Game.

Once you wipe out Cloud Imperium Game, you will see all the files of star citizen become disappear automatically.

Method No: 3 By deleting the User folder

This method seems easy among our previous methods. So, let’s figure out the uninstalling process of star citizen by deleting the user folder.

Method No: 4 By Deleting RSI launcher

If your issue doesn’t solve out after applying the above methods, you can use this one. Sometimes, the user may face difficulty to delete Star Citizen Game. In that case, deleting the RSI launcher will be an effective method. 

Firstly, follow the methods to store the Custom Files

If you have custom files, use the following techniques to save those. 

Users => Controls => Mapping. 

Once you save all the custom files, now go through the following steps to detect all files. 

            Current profiles => AppData => Roaming

choose Current profiles, => select AppData, => Local.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you can understand our mentioned steps of how to uninstall star citizen. Furthermore, we hope our mentioned methods are very simple to get and follow. However, please leave that in the comment section if you can’t figure out anything from here. 

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